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Designed for Limestone Technologies series polygraph systems, the Polygraph Pro Suite software offers a user-friendly design providing polygraph examiners with a range of time saving features all packaged into an easy to navigate front-end management system.


Polygraph Pro Suite Software is available on our website!

Downloads are available now via the software downloads area on our website. A valid Limestone Technologies polygraph serial number is required for download.

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Efficient Database Management

The Polygraph Pro Suite FrontEnd stores and organizes all polygraph examinations in an easy to manage format. Our session management solution allows examiners to access all of the supplementary exam files and utilizes post-test features.

  • Review charts post-test with a range of scoring utilities and algorithms
  • Generate and auto-fill standardized report templates
  • Collect examinee biometric information
  • Compress and email charts or secure FTP server
  • Archive charts to external drives or media
  • Review audio/video files

Go Paperless

Polygraph Pro allows examiners to capture all relevant information related to each polygraph session for convenient digital storage. Examinee photos, fingerprints, session notes, session contents and Polygraph Pro generated reports are all available with easy access.

Save Time on Reports with ReportBuilder+

This feature provides examiners with user-friendly tools that make designing data input fields and report templates easy. Following the initial set-up examiners can complete their polygraph reports with the click of a mouse making this time saving feature a must have for every examiner.

Synchronized Audio/Video

When we first introduced our ChartSync utility, we forever changed the way examiners review their polygraph examinations. Now an industry standard, examiners can rely on Polygraph Pro to accurately synchronize their video, audio and chart data for comprehensive chart review.


Minimum Computer System Requirements*

  • Intel® 7th Generation or newer or equivalent AMD processor recommended
  • 8 GB RAM
  • Windows® 10 or Windows® 11
  • 500 gig hard drive
  • 3 USB Ports
  • Dedicated Graphics Card with its own GPU
  • Digital sound card required for multimedia capabilities.
  • Digital video camera required for video capture. Logitech or Microsoft web camera recommended. Many popular IP (networked) cameras are supported**
  • External Microphone may be required for recording audio, depending upon host computer's configuration (e.g. no built-in microphone), examine / examinee location, ambient noise, etc.

* Additional resources may be required for certain video devices. Always consult the documentation for any selected video device to ensure the host computer meets the stated system requirements.

** IP cameras may experience audio/video lag or other undesirable behavior. The use of a directly-attached camera is highly recommended.


Product Manuals


Software Updates

Software Devices OS
Limestone Polygraph Professional Suite v4.6.0.4
ParagonX, Paragon, DataPac Windows 10, 11 Download
Limestone Polygraph Professional Suite v4.6.0.3
ParagonX, Paragon, DataPac Windows 10, 11 Download
Limestone Polygraph Professional Suite v4.4.0.3
ParagonX, Paragon, DataPac Windows 10, 11 Download
Limestone Polygraph Professional Suite v4.4.0.2
ParagonX, Paragon, DataPac Windows 10, 11 Download

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