About Limestone Technologies

Limestone Technologies is a credibility assessment solutions provider located in Kingston, Ontario. Our Polygraph systems are
industry leading and internationally recognized as being feature rich, innovative, and reliable. Limestone Technologies Inc. is a division of Lafayette Instrument Company. Lafayette Instrument Company has over 70 years of experience engineering data acquisition and measurement instrumentation. Lafayette is positioned at the forefront of neuroscientific discovery, human evaluation, and credibility assessment. 


Unparalleled Performance

Our medical grade instrumentation and intelligent software design delivers powerful performance where every function has its place and purpose.

Unmatched Reliability

Our customers are customers for life. That’s because Limestone offers the best in class technical support. Our reliable team is equipped with the knowledge to troubleshoot any problems.

Unrivaled Innovation

Embracing new and better technologies as they become available. Welcoming change as an opportunity. At Limestone, the status quo can be challenged. 

Limestone Upcoming Events

Come see us at the APA Annual Seminar!
August 28th - September 2nd, 2022
Orlando, FL

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3700 Sagamore Pkwy N Lafayette, IN 47904 United States

Email: sales@limestonetech.com

Tel: 613.507.4660

TF: 866.765.9770

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