Polygraph Examination Chairs

Chairs designed by the examiner for the examiner.

Designed by a polygraph examiner for polygraph examiners. Limestone Technologies’ new portable polygraph chair helps simplify field testing. Our innovative design allows for easy adjustment without the need to raise or lower the arm cushions. Arm height position is adjusted by moving the padded arm cushions inward towards the body or outward away from the body. Our design allows the arm cushions to also be angled to obtain the most stable cardio tracing, regardless of the size of the examinee.​

Limestone Technologies’ stationary examination chair is a useful addition to any polygraph suite. This chair offers a robust aluminium frame with comfortable cushions for the seat, back and arms. The seat and arm cushions also feature discreet pockets for placing movement sensors for countermeasure monitoring.

  • Adjustable chair design with both horizontal and vertical adjustments of the arm rests and height adjustments through the chair feet

  • Seat and arm pads equipped with compartments for movement sensors so they can be concealed for countermeasure monitoring

  • Black powder coated aluminium frame

  • Easy to clean black leatherette upholstery

  • WEIGHT: 45 lbs

  • DIMENSIONS: H 36″ W 32″ D 24″

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