ParagonX Acquisition System

The most powerful data acquisition system in polygraph. This instrument goes above and beyond other leading polygraph systems. From high retention USB to dual channel 32 bit, this instrument delivers on performance, reliability, and innovation.

High Retention USB

ParagonX utilizes High Retention USB giving you a 7.5X faster data transfer rate and 20X increased bandwidth.

Industry Leading Sampling Rate

At native 625 samples per second, per channel, the ParagonX has the highest sampling rate in any polygraph instrument.

Dual Channel 32 Bit

With dual channel 32 bit and optical isolation greater than 5000 mv, the ParagonX offers examiners twice the performance of other leading polygraph systems

Tried-and-True Paragon Features

  • Lemo Connectors featuring 15,000 mating cycles
  • Pelican tough custom fibreglass enclosure
  • Widest range EDA
  • In house software design and best in class technical support
  • 5-year expedited replacement warranty – EXCLUSIVE to Limestone Technologies

Immediate Instrument Replacement Warranty

Limestone Technologies is the only polygraph vendor offering an immediate replacement warranty on all your polygraph instrumentation. Should you experience any issues with your ParagonX System while under warranty, we will priority ship a replacement instrument.


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about the ParagonX

As a polygraph examiner, you need equipment you can trust to make informed assessments. Precision, Performance, and Design cannot be compromised or overlooked. Introducing ParagonX, the first ever upgrade to our best-selling polygraph system. Completely enhanced, our engineers have been working behind the scenes to create the most powerful and intuitive acquisition system available

Polygraph Packages

ParagonX Silver Package

The ParagonX Silver Package is designed for the professional examiner who already has a suitable computer system but requires data acquisition software and physiological hardware.

The ParagonX Silver Package Includes:

  • Polygraph Pro Suite software on CD-ROM

  • ParagonX Acquisition System

  • 2 Respiration Transducers

  • 1 EDA Kit (Includes 10′ EDA Lead, Gold Plated Metal Electrodes and 1 Package of 100 Ag/AgCl Electrodes)

  • 1 Blood Pressure Cuff Assembly (Includes Adjustable Blood Pressure Cuff, Cardio Tubing and Sphygmomanometer)

  • 1 FingerCuff™

  • 1 StingRay SE™ Countermeasure Sensor Pad

  • 1 PDF User Manual

  • 1 OSS 1, 2, and 3 Scoring Algorithms (Integrated into the Software)

  • 1 Deluxe Pelican Instrument Case

  • 5 Year Total Care Warranty

  • Lifetime Technical Support

ParagonX Gold Desktop Package

This Paragon Gold Package Includes:

Includes Silver Package + the setup and customizing of a desktop computer system by Limestone Technologies Inc.


Paragon Gold Mobile Package

This ParagonX Gold Package Includes:

Includes Silver Package + the setup and customizing of a mobile computer system by Limestone Technologies Inc.


Trading in Your DataPac or Paragon?

Trading in your DataPac, original Paragon, or making the switch from a competitor polygraph instrument.

You could receive up to a $2,700 discount.

Please fill out this form to learn more about our trade-in discount.

Please fill out this form to learn more about our trade-in discount:

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