Limestone Instrument Training

Limestone Technologies provides comprehensive Polygraph Pro software and instrumentation training. 

Software and Instrumentation Training

Online Training

Limestone Technologies is happy to provide online software and instrumentation training free of charge. Limestone clients or examiners interested in learning more about Polygraph Professional Suite can schedule a training session at their convenience. Training is available Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm EST and can be arranged through email or telephone. To schedule your customized online training contact one of our sales representatives.

Online Training

Limestone Technologies also offers onsite software and instrumentation training for agencies or associations interested in this service.

We review onsite training requests on an individual basis and require the following information in a request:

  • Desired date for training

  • Location for training

  • Are training facilities provided? Yes/No

  • How many examiners are expected to attend

Looking for Polygraph Training? The Backster School of Lie Detection has joined PEAK Credibility Assessment Training Center.

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