Functionality Check Utility

Have confidence that your polygraph equipment is functioning correctly. Generate a detailed functionality report for all transducers with the easy to use step by step software program

The Limestone Technologies functionality utility is used to confirm proper operation of any Limestone polygraph.Test all of your polygraph transducers with this easy to follow step by step program.The functionality check concludes with a thorough report that includes the date and time, serial number and detailed description of each transducers performance during the evaluation.

Easy to use Functionality Check Board

Our Functionality Check Utility is designed to accommodate all Limestone Technologies’ polygraph transducers and allows polygraph examiners to easily test the functionality of their components using the included Functionality Check software. 


Guided Software Tutorial

Generate detailed functionality reports for your polygraph transducers with our easy to use step-by-step software program. Each Functionality Check is customizable providing examiners with the opportunity to select the transducers they wish to functionality check. This can be useful in the event the examiner only requires a quick check of one of their components
they suspect may be damaged.


Comprehensive Functionality Reports

Generate detailed functionality reports for proof of routine functionality checks. Each thorough report includes the date and time, serial number and a detailed description of transducer performance during the evaluation.

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Polygraph Functionality Test Tutorial

Have confidence in the functionality of your polygraph equipment with the Limestone Technologies Functionality Check Utility. 

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