“Limestone is by far the best polygraph distribution company out there…if you don’t believe me…just call them and see for yourself!”


David Reisinger, Polygraph Examiner

“Plunging/unreliable EDA, serial to USB Flip Chips, cannot find DAS error messages and poor customer service are a thing of the past. Limestone’s instrument truly does deliver the best results.”

Isaias Menchaca, Homicide Investigations, Contra Costa County DA

“Thank you for helping us and your ongoing technical assistance (24/7 and I do mean 24/7) whenever we have a problem whether it be equipment or software you guys have always been there for us. Lafayette or Axciton can’t touch you in this area when it comes to customer support!”

Robert Hamilton, Miami, FL

“Unlike other polygraph manufactures, Limestone has and continues to offer software enhancements that expand the quality of the polygraphs features and capabilities. Your desire to better serve clients and provide the new standard of polygraph instrument is going to bring many polygraph examiners to you. Why purchase a Flintstone polygraph when you can get a Limestone!” 

Tony Sims, US Postal Service/OIG

“For the past several years, my agency has utilized various polygraph systems. In 2009, our polygraph group was provided a Limestone polygraph presentation, which left us all completely in awe. We then checked with other federal agencies, who had already utilized Limestone polygraph systems, and everyone echoed the same thing “great customer service.” We decided to make a purchase of multiple Limestone polygraph systems, and it has been money well spent. The graphics and the versatility of the system is better than any polygraph system that I have ever used, including Lafayette polygraph systems. Limestone is by far the best polygraph distribution company out there…if you don’t believe me…just call them and see for yourself!” 

Daniel Kor, Polygraph Examiner, Singapore

“When I first switched from analog to computerized polygraph of another manufacturer in 2004, it was just like a switch from driving a manual car to an automatic car. But when I switched to Limestone polygraph suite in early 2006, it was like switching from a basic automatic car to one with sports-shift (triptronic). The experience was totally different. It was so powerful and easy to use. In every test there is no worry that I may not get a good tracing due to bad instrumentation. In addition, the Limestone polygraph suite is packed with many advanced and useful features. Some of my favorites are the ability to display both the raw & auto EDA concurrently, clear discernible tracings always, uncapped range for tracing sensitivity, and above-all is their unequalled customer support.”

Dr. Richard Poe Largo, Polygraph Examiner, Florida

“As a polygraph examiner with more than 26 years of experience I have had the opportunity to use all the manufactured polygraph instrumentation. My fellow office associates and I now only consider one choice. The Limestone Polygraph Professional is truly the best. The chart data quality is exceptional and the software has proven itself to be reliable and easy to learn. The promptness of your service when requested is immediate and thorough. Limestone Technologies has raised the bar and the professionalism is a refreshing bonus”

Sex Offender Management

William L. Marshall, Professor of Psychology Queen’s University

“…I have previewed PrefTest Professional Suite™ with a view to using it for both plethysmographically determined sexual preferences and viewing time indicators of deviance. I was very impressed with its capabilities and particularly its flexibility and I intend on using it in our research projects. I strongly recommend PrefTest Professional Suite…”

Mike Kuban

“… PrefTest Professional Suite™. Full digital capability, multi-response monitoring, tracking, biofeedback, and now volume PPG option. This is clearly the most sophisticated, flexible, and advanced PPG system on the market. A Swiss Army Knife in offender assessment, and a leap forward for the new millennium.”

Mikaela Vidmas-Perrins

“The PrefTest Professional Suite™ is an exceptional system for phallometric assessment. The ease of administration, quality of the digital technology, and the comprehensiveness of the data output are remarkable. The versatility of the PrefTest Professional Suite system is extraordinary in that it possesses the capability to extend its applications to meet specific stipulations that may be required for clinical use and/or research.”

Joseph Plaud

“I have used many PPG systems for research and clinical purposes during the past fourteen years, and in my collective experience no system is more reliable, versatile, and software enhanced than the Limestone Technologies Inc. PPG.” 

Martin Lalumière, Ph.D

“…PrefTest Professional Suite™ is the most sophisticated, user-friendly, and comprehensive computer software available for the assessment of penile arousal. PrefTest Professional Suite uses the best digital technology for both the presentation of sexual stimuli and the recording of psychophysiological responses…”

Dr. Howard Barbaree

“PrefTest Professional Suite™ is a superior tool for the phallometric assessment of sex offenders. The interface provides flexible control over session parameters and the detailed output is clearly organized and informative. I am very impressed with this system for psychophysiological testing and recommend it to clinicians and researchers.” 


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