Sex Offender Management Training

Compliment your instrumentation with our Sex Offender Management Training Programs. 

Clinical PPG Training

Limestone Technologies has partnered with Dr. William Burke to provide CertifiedClinical Analyst and Technician training for PPG assessments. The training is offered in Summerville, SC and is customized to fit your schedule with flexible training dates.

  • Online Training

  • Three Days

  • Covers history of the PPG, testing procedures, test administration, analysis and report writing available through Dr. William Burke 

  • Online Training

  • Two Days

  • Covers history of the PPG, testing procedures, test administration available through Dr. William Burke 

Online Chaperone Training Program

Create a circle of support and accountability with our Online Chaperone Training Program. The goals of this training program is to: 

  • Prevent further victimization

  • Assist offenders in controlling their inappropriate and/or sexually offending behavior

  • Increase awareness of dynamics & scope of sexual abuse

  • Provide information and tactics for effective chaperoning of sex offenders

Who is the Chaperone Training Program for?

  • Primary caregivers of adolescent sexual abusers and children with sexual behavior problems

  • Foster care providers with children who may have sexually acted out in the past

  • Non-offending parents/caregivers who might need to chaperone a sexual abuser for a specific event, i.e. church, wedding, funerals, etc.

  • Friends, family members, co-workers of a sexual offender who want to assist that person in remaining offense free.

Program Overview

Level 1

  • Broadly focused training materials

  • Educates the chaperone on the overall dynamics of sex offenders

  • A sex offender may have an unlimited number of chaperones (this is based on the recommendations of the treatment provider)

  • Training materials and Level I exam are available online. The training materials may be viewed an unlimited amount of times and there is no time limit to complete the program

  • When the chaperone is ready they may take the Level I exam. The exam can be taken up to three times for the $50 fee. In the event that a chaperone fails the exam, they may re-write the exam after a period of 24 hours. Following successful completion of the Level I exam the treatment provider will be notified and the chaperone will proceed to Level II of the program.

Level 2

  • Customized training based on the specific offender

  • Depending on the number of chaperones Level II training is available in an individual or group session format

  • Following successful completion of Level II, the treatment provider will contact Limestone Technologies at which time chaperones will be added to the National Certified Chaperone database. They will receive a certificate from their treatment provider and will remain certified for 1 year following completion of the program. Should the chaperone wish to maintain their chaperone certification, they can take a revised course the following year where any new material relevant to sex offender monitoring will be made available.

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