[list title=”DataPac_PPG” description=”The DataPac_PPG is built to medical grade standards and has FDA 510(k) clearance to market to clinical and research sites in the United States. This single channel instrument provides measurements for penile tumescence with the option to measure vaginal tumescence with a custom modification to the instrument.” img=”https://limestonetech.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/limestone_rack.jpg” style=”no_padding no_background” url=”https://limestonetech.com/products/preftest-pro-suite/datapac_ppg/”][list3 title=”Collect Additional Biofeedback with the DataPac_USB” description=”The 8 channel DataPac_USB features durable polypropylene Luer connectors for the pneumatic inputs and shielded gold pinned connectors for the electronic inputs. Available measurements include skin conductance, respiration, heart rate and seat sensor for identifying countermeasure attempts.” img=”https://limestonetech.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/down_image.png” position=”right” style=”no_background” id=”blue_list” url=”https://limestonetech.com/products/polygraph-pro-suite/datapac_usb/”]

Real Child Voices Stimulus (RCV) Set

The RCV stimulus is available exclusively with PrefTest Pro Suite and provides clinicians with a contemporary stimulus set that meets all of the ethical approvals. The RCV features both male and female voices ranging from child to adult and features professionally produced sound effects.



The PrefTest Pro Suite software provides clinicians with a dynamic and versatile user interface for PPG assessments. With PrefTest Pro Suite clinicians can:

  • Conveniently manage their assessments
  • Review assessments with dynamic results presentation
  • Export data to third party spreadsheet applications
  • Create new or modify existing stimulus sets via the user-friendly Session Builder
  • Access a range of interactive test features such as note posting, avoidance measures and ratings

Clinical PPG Training Included

All of our PrefTest Pro Suite packages include training for one clinical PPG analyst and one clinical technician. The training is provided by Dr. William Burke in Summerville, SC and covers the history of PPG, administering a PPG assessment and interpreting the results. *Accommodations and travel expenses not included.

[list2 url=”https://limestonetech.com/training-services/” id=”training_service” title=”Additional Training Services Available” description=”

” img=”https://limestonetech.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/people.jpg” position=”right” style=”no_background”]


PrefTest Silver Package

The PrefTest Silver package is designed for the user who already has a suitable computer system but requires data acquisition software and hardware.

The PrefTest Silver Package includes:

  • PrefTest Pro Suite Software
  • DataPac_PPG Data Acquisition Interface
  • Calibration Rod
  • Equipment Cabling
  • Subject Response Keypad for Self Report
  • Standardized Real Children’s Voices (RCV) Stimulus Set
  • LCD Visual Display for Stimulus Presentation
  • 3 Year Software Maintenance Agreement
  • 3 Year DataPac_PPG Replacement Warranty
  • Certified Training for 1 Analyst and 1 Technician

PrefTest Gold Desktop Package

Includes Silver Package + the setup and customizing of a Desktop computer system by Limestone Technologies Inc.

PrefTest Mobile Package

Includes Silver Package + the setup and customizing of a Mobile computer system by Limestone Technologies Inc.

[list url=”https://limestonetech.com/products/preftest-pro-suite/preftest-pro-suite-accessories/” id=”ul_type_list” title=”Accessories” description=”We offer a complete range of phallometric accessories for use with the DataPac_PPG.

” img=”https://limestonetech.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/img_5.png” style=”no_background no_padding with_ul” position=”right” button=”All Accessories”]

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