As our first generation polygraph system, the DataPac has been phased out. While this data acquisition system is no longer available for sale, clients can still purchase parts and accessories found on our Polygraph Accessory Page.

24 Gold Plated Shielded Pin Connectors

The DataPac_USB utilizes 24k gold plated touchless pin connectors for all electronic channels. These medical grade connectors ensure health and safety standards are met while providing precision data acquisition.

Air-tight Durable Pneumatic Luer Connectors

These nylon connectors provide a long-lasting air-tight seal on the pneumatic inputs. Eliminate the need for repair kits with these durable connectors.

EMI Shielded Cables for all Electronic Components

EMI Shielded Cables provide a stable data connection eliminating any potential disruption from electromagnetic interference.

Watch our video to learn more about our Polygraph System

Limestone Technologies is the only polygraph vendor offering an immediate replacement warranty on all your polygraph instrumentation. Should you experience any issues with your Paragon Acquisition System while under warranty, we will priority ship a replacement instrument.

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